We have been directly involved in business coaching for nearly 7 years and John is an approved mentor for UK Trade & Investment (UKTI), providing specialist mentoring and coaching in topics relating to international trade and market development.

Typical assignments are with businesses which are recognised as having significant export growth potential (currently under the UKTI Gateway to Global Growth programme) as well as those which are relatively inexperienced exporters (under the Passport to Export scheme). Assignments usually offer the companies between one and five days of coaching in total, usually offered in one-to-one meetings and sometimes by telephone.

We have worked with over 90 companies in the West and East Midlands, and also with high growth potential companies under the International Trade Development (ITD) programme managed by International Business Wales. Clients have included manufacturers and service providers and their growth plans have included targeting new markets in all parts of the world. Coaching has been delivered to individuals and teams including company directors, senior managers and staff responsible for specific market objectives.

We love having an input to the successes that can be achieved through coaching companies and seeing the results of our work with them. One of the joys of coaching is the variety of sectors, businesses and personalities encountered and the challenges being faced by companies.

“Working with John has been very valuable to us. It’s really helped us to focus, and he’s very enthusiastic and knowledgeable – a fantastic combination! It’s made us realise that we do need to focus on one market at a time and tailor our product marketing accordingly. The support and advice that John has given us have helped enormously.”